12/26/2017 12:06a

Studies are finding that vitamin D has an increasing importance in keeping the body healthy. This vitamin has been found to help improve digestive, heart and bone health. Studies have found that deficiencies in this vitamin can contribute to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or diabetes. The main purpose of this vitamin is to assist the body in absorbing calcium so if you have a deficiency in one you likely have a calcium deficiency as well which can lead to bone damage, arthritis or osteoporosis.

There are some food sources that you can use to get vitamin D but these are somewhat limited. Foods like egg yolks or liver contain sources of this vitamin but these sources can be high in cholesterol, making it difficult to consume them in large quantities. One of the easiest ways to get this vitamin is through the sun, though it is important to take care when using sun exposure to treat a vitamin deficiency because excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to the cells and increase your risk of cancer. The easiest way to get enough D vitamins is to use a supplement from a pharmacy. Studies find that this vitamin is easy to absorb, making these supplements more effective than many others.

D vitamin supplements are readily available. Many foods have also been fortified with this vitamin to ensure that people are getting an adequate supply. Those that are using a calcium supplement should make sure that D vitamins are included in their supplement to ensure that the calcium is absorbed by their bone tissue adequately. If you have a D vitamin deficiency you can get a supplement which focuses on this vitamin alone. You cannot overdose on D vitamins so you do not need to worry about taking high doses of this vitamin when using a supplement.

If you have a deficiency in vitamins then you may need a very large supplement to correct it. A pharmacist can recommend a safe amount to take which will help to correct the deficiency without neglecting other nutrients you should be getting into your diet. There are several different brands of supplements that use different dose sizes to correct a deficiency so talking to a pharmacist can help you determine which brand is the most appropriate for your medical condition.